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Healthy People 2030 to create objectives for health of nation: Process underway for next 10-year plan

Now entering its fourth decade, work on the latest iteration of the federally led Healthy People initiative is underway, continuing to outline evidence-based health goals for the nation.

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Faith-based groups making climate, health a priority: Public health joins faith groups on food access, sustainability

As climate change threatens communities in the U.S. and throughout the world, public health and faith-based groups are relying on each other to create a safer, healthier environment.

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Plan4Health connects people to nutrition, recreation in rural Oregon

Good public health comes about through good planning, a lesson community members in Umatilla County, Oregon, have taken to heart with an initiative that combines both outlooks.

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Community-based care critical for transgender health: Working for access

Historically, community-based initiatives that cater to the LGBTQ population were borne out of a need to fill the gaps in traditional health care. Many providers still lack the training and knowledge necessary to treat transgender patients.

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Vermont takes steps to curb chronic disease

Public Health in Vermont boils down to three numbers that encompass the toll of chronic disease in the state: 3-4-50. Three behaviors — lack of physical fitness, poor diet and tobacco use — lead to four chronic diseases: cancer, heart disease and stroke, Type 2 diabetes and lung disease.

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NPHW goes to the dogs at New York’s Syracuse University

Shaking up a traditional exercise routine can make working out more rewarding, and certainly more fun, as the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at Syracuse University demonstrated this year for National Public Health Week.

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Colorado partners take on public health advocacy during NPHW

For the third year, the Colorado Public Health Association hosted Public Health Day at the Capitol as part of National Public Health Week on April 3. The event brings constituents to the state Capitol building to learn about the legislative process, while demonstrating the inextricable link between health and policy.

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US cities taking the lead on combating climate change: Residents, officials coming together

Significant efforts to curb climate change in the U.S. may not be forthcoming at the federal level, if recent attacks on environmental science are any indication. But cities nationwide are stepping up to the challenge, combating climate change through concerted initiatives between residents and local governments.

Chronic pain tougher on poorer, less educated adults

Chronic pain hits older adults who have less money and less education the hardest, a new study finds.

‘Weather whiplash’ leads to adverse water, agriculture outcomes in Midwest

Vacillating weather conditions resulting from climate change are degrading the quality of water supplies in the Midwest, according to a study published in Biogeochemistry in March.

Tighter alcohol policies protect young people from drunken driving deaths

More restrictive alcohol policies help prevent drunken driving deaths among young people, a new study finds.