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Students don't read your emails—here's how to change that

Don't give up on email yet. An EAB student communication expert helps you rescue your messages from students' slush piles.

3 challenges facing today's colleges, from a Gates Foundation expert

At a fireside chat during the CONNECTED 2016 conference, Dan Greenstein, director of postsecondary success for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discussed innovations that are pushing higher education forward—and areas with room for improvement.

Soft skills are the future of job security, success

A new report from Pew Research Center provides further evidence that employers want well-rounded candidates who can work in a team as well as balance a spreadsheet.

Is higher ed broken? | EAB Daily Briefing

Higher education leaders gathered at a recent forum hosted by The Atlantic to discuss the industry's shift toward promoting better student outcomes.

How meta-majors guide students toward on-time graduation | EAB Daily Briefing

Colleges and universities across the country are exploring a new model of academic mapping to keep students on track to graduation.

How Donald Trump might approach higher ed as president | EAB Daily Briefing

While he has been extremely vocal about foreign policy, religion, and terrorism, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has yet to detail a comprehensive higher education platform. Here's what we know about Trump's views ahead of the Republican National Convention.

In defense of passion in higher education | EAB Daily Briefing

Let's not be too quick to discount the value of following your passion or majoring in the liberal arts.

Five myths pervading the higher ed conversation | EAB Daily Briefing

Media in many cases have failed to portray an accurate picture of higher education, choosing to focus on extremes and the most click-worthy news items.

Why first-generation students don't go to their advisors—and how to get them there

In recent years, more first-generation students are enrolling in college, but often, the campus forces them to navigate a bewildering "hidden curriculum" to access the advising services they need to stay in school and graduate.

Proposed law would change the way colleges are required to respond to sexual assault

As sexual assault becomes a growing concern at colleges and universities nationwide, a group of lawmakers has drafted legislation aiming to streamline the process for reporting cases of sexual violence, as well as make campuses safer as a whole.